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On-site calibration – vehicle

We come to you when you need to calibrate and service your tools. You therefore save a lot of time and effort by not sending tools to and from a calibration and service workshop.

We save you precious time when you need to have your equipment calibrated. A fully equipped calibration vehicle with state-of-the-art equipment for the calibration of hydraulic and electrical tools, as well as measuring instruments and manual torque wrenches, is available wherever you need it.

Our specialists have many years of experience in calibration and are trained to calibrate according to applicable standards. If a situation arises where your hydraulic or electrical tools require service or repair, we will do this at the same time and in agreement with you.

Wheeled and fully equipped calibration and service workshop for calibration and service of hydraulic and electrical tools and instruments - right outside your door.

Calibration up to 50,000 Nm in our mobile workshop - suitable for calibration and service jobs with the duration of a weeks’ time.

Which types of tasks do we carry out in the calibration vehicle?

  • Calibration – see the table below for the types of calibration we carry out
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Service
  • Electrical safety check – electrical tests

Cost-efficiency benefits
We save you from sending your equipment to and from a calibration or service workshop. Not only will you avoid the transport costs, you also save time, because your tools do not leave the factory and can be used again immediately following calibration or service. Often it means that you do not need to have multiple sets of tools, because you will only be without the tools for a few hours while they undergo calibration and service.

When is the calibration vehicle used on-site
If you have service or calibration tasks that can be completed in one week or less, then our service and calibration vehicle is ideal. We can turn out at short notice and move the vehicle quickly from place to place.

Online service book
We register all the equipment we service and calibrate in our online Tool Management System. This means that we always have access to your equipment data, and you can even have your own access, so you have a constant overview of service and calibration intervals, as well as all the documentation stored in one place. Read more about our Tool Management System.

Calibration of equipment

On-site calibration of hydraulic and electrical tools and instruments

Torque wrenches All brands – up to 50,000 Nm – based on ISO 5393
Tensioners All brands
Pumps and power packs All brands
Pressure gauges Up to 2,500 bar – based on DN/EN 837
Electrical tools All brands
Temperature gauges All brands
Digital pressure gauges All brands
Callipers All brands
Air pressure gauges All brands
PAT test All brands

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Experienced advice and the industry's best specialist tools

Special tools, tool solutions, generators and emergency power systems are our core competency. We are experts in torque tools, lifting tools, flange tools, generators and rescue tools, which we both sell, service and hire.

We know how important it is for our customers that the equipment is available and functioning correctly when you need it. We therefore offer a wide range of services and also offer to handle and store tools. We have one of the biggest warehouses in the country, so in the vast majority of cases we are able to supply virtually all standard tools on a daily basis. Our large team of specialists calibrates, services and repairs tools either on-site or in our own workshop.

Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help you with tool solutions for torque tensioning, flange handling, lifting tasks or emergency generators.