Certified bolt tensioning

If you require documented bolt tensioning with a certificate or to release bolts, we have a team of specialists and experienced engineers who can carry out torque tensioning on-site and of course document the job with a certificate.

The correct torque tensioning of bolts can be a challenge! Our team of specialists is trained in the correct and documented torque tensioning of bolts, and has a vast amount of knowledge of all the factors involved in correct and documented torque tensioning. Correct and safe use of hydraulic torque and driving tools ensures that your task is carried out correctly in every way.

We use equipment of the highest quality, which always is calibrated and serviced. Our staff are trained in the latest and most advanced equipment on the market.


Onshore or offshore
We carry out certified and documented torque and bolt tensioning both onshore and offshore. Our specialists have all the required courses and certificates to carry out torque and bolt tensioning offshore.

On-site torque tensioning

Documented with a certificate

Experienced advice and the industry's best specialist tools

Special tools, tool solutions, generators and emergency power systems are our core competency. We are experts in torque tools, lifting tools, flange tools, generators and rescue tools, which we both sell, service and hire.

We know how important it is for our customers that the equipment is available and functioning correctly when you need it. We therefore offer a wide range of services and also offer to handle and store tools. We have one of the biggest warehouses in the country, so in the vast majority of cases we are able to supply virtually all standard tools on a daily basis. Our large team of specialists calibrates, services and repairs tools either on-site or in our own workshop.

Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help you with tool solutions for torque tensioning, flange handling, lifting tasks or emergency generators.