Powerful hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools

Tools – rescue

Ergonomics, power, low weight and easy operation are important factors when rescuing people in case of an accident. We probably have the most innovative brand of rescue tools: WEBER-RESCUE. These powerful rescue tools are available both as hydraulically powered and battery powered tools.

We probably have the best designed, operator friendly and most powerful rescue equipment on the market. We have a wide range of cutters, spreaders, combi tools and RAM, which can be either hydraulic or battery operated. We also have pneumatically operated lifting cushions, pipe plugs and leak sealing systems.

Battery powered rescue tools in particular are becoming more popular with a large number of rescue services. They are powerful, operator friendly and extremely manageable with an optimized weight and design that makes it possible to use the tools even in very difficult positions. The ergonomically correct design allows the rescuer to carry out a rescue with the least possible physical load.

Take a closer look below at our range of cutters, spreaders, RAM and combi tools for rescuing people in the event of an accident. We also provide tools for recycling and cutting industry. Contact us today.

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