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On-site calibration – container

Calibration of tools on-site saves you both time and effort. The tool can now remain on-site and be calibrated immediately. We will service and repair your tools at the same time of course, if required. On-site calibration in a state-of-the-art workshop container that meets all the calibration requirements.

Save time and effort – get your tool calibrated on-site.

It is both time consuming and difficult to send tools to and from the site. We therefore offer to carry out calibration of all your tools on-site in a calibration container. Not only does this save you time and effort, but it can also help to minimize the number of tool kits you need.

State-of-the-art calibration containers with the latest equipment are sent to your site, where we calibrate both hydraulic and electrical tools and electrical instruments.

Which types of tasks do we carry out in the calibration container?

  • Calibration – see the table below for the types of calibration we carry out
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Service
  • Electrical safety check

If a situation arises where your tool requires a service or repair, we will do this at the same time, of course. Our specialists have several decades of experience in the calibration, servicing and repair of hydraulic and electrical tools from the vast majority of brands on the market.

As a supplier to the wind turbine industry since the first turbines were established, we are familiar with all the hydraulic tool brands and we are able to guide you with the correct handling, calibration, servicing and repair.

We always send out a calibration and service engineer when we hire out the calibration container. This is your guarantee that your equipment will be calibrated, serviced and repaired correctly. All calibrations, servicing and repairs are registered in our online Tool Management System, where you can always keep track of service intervals, certificates, tension tables and all documentation – read more about the benefits of the Tool Management System here and how you can access it.

Where do our customers use on-site calibration containers?

Our on-site calibration container solution is ideal when you have extensive or continuous calibration, service and repairs that typically run over a period of more than 1 week.

The solution is often used by customers within the wind turbine industry when they need to install or service wind turbines, but it is also ideal for large construction sites and of course in the oil and gas industry.

Our on-site calibration, service and repair container is of course approved for offshore use.

Are there any cost-efficiency benefits?

The on-site calibration container provides increased availability for your tools on-site, because the tool never leaves the site for calibration. It also saves you time, because it is no longer necessary to send the tool to and from a calibration and service workshop.
In fact, having a calibration container on-site also ensures that your tool will always be calibrated correctly and at the right intervals. With correct calibration and the correct intervals, you will also help to extend the service life of your tools, not least by raising the level of safety in the jobs you carry out.

Last but not least, registration in our online Tool Management System means that you will always observe service and calibration intervals.

Torque tools and pumps

Calibration of torque tools and hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic torque wrenches Plarad, Hi-Force, Hytorc, Titan, Atlas Copco – up to 50,000 Nm – based on ISO 5393
Hydraulic pumps Plarad, ITH, Hi-Force, Serman and Tipsmark
Manual torque wrenches Up to 3,000 Nm – based on ISO5393
Electric nutrunners Plarad, B-rad, Torcbrain, Lösomat
Battery powered nutrunners Plarad, B-rad, Torcbrain, Lösomat
Tensioners Plarad, Tentec, ITH – up to 64 mm
Multipliers and gear wrenches Up to 3,200 Nm – Plarad, SHT
Hydraulic hand pumps Hi-Force, ITH


Calibration of electrical and analogue measuring equipment

Ammeters Up to 1,000 amp
Multimeter All
Temperature gauges Up to 140 °C
Infrared thermometer Up to 500 °C
Pressure gauges – digital and analogue Up to 2,500 bar – based on DN/EN 837
Dial gauges Up to 100 mm
Callipers – digital and analogue From 100 – 250 mm
Temperature display All
Clamp-on ammeters All

Tests and testers

Calibration tests and calibration of testers

PAT test All
Electrical safety tests Up to 230/110 V
Insulation testers (electrical tests) All

High availability

We can send containers for calibration and service at short notice!

Experienced advice and the industry's best specialist tools

Special tools, tool solutions, generators and emergency power systems are our core competency. We are experts in torque tools, lifting tools, flange tools, generators and rescue tools, which we both sell, service and hire.

We know how important it is for our customers that the equipment is available and functioning correctly when you need it. We therefore offer a wide range of services and also offer to handle and store tools. We have one of the biggest warehouses in the country, so in the vast majority of cases we are able to supply virtually all standard tools on a daily basis. Our large team of specialists calibrates, services and repairs tools either on-site or in our own workshop.

Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help you with tool solutions for torque tensioning, flange handling, lifting tasks or emergency generators.