Correct torque tensioning

When do you know if a bolt is undertightened or overtightened? How do you determine the correct torque? What impact do friction and grease choice have? You will learn everything that is worth knowing about correctly tensioning bolts to a torque.

When tensioning a bolt to a specific torque, it is important to be aware of the factors that must be in place to avoid undertightening or overtightening the bolt. A bolt that is not correctly tensioned to a torque can have major consequences.

Hydraulic torque tensioning of bolts is still the method that is used in the vast majority of places when we talk about torque tensioning over XXX Nm. Torque tensioning is the same, regardless of whether it is hydraulic tensioning or using electric/battery powered nutrunners. There are, however, some precautions and principles that must be observed.

We train customers and partners about correct torque tensioning, because we know what the consequences would be if a bolt is either undertightened or overtightened.

The course is a combination of theory and practical training, so we ensure both an understanding of the mechanisms involved, and why the necessary precautions should be taken, just as it is important to understand torque tensioning itself from a purely practical point of view.

The course can be held in both Danish and English.

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Course content

We teach the following topics in connection with correct torque tensioning

Torque tensioning with both torque wrenches and tensioners – advantages and disadvantages of both methods
Basic theory behind torque tensioning
General knowledge about bolts, threads and their quality
What is the impact of stress on a bolt, and what are the consequences
Review of pre-tension metering
Theory and review of the actual tensioning process and determining the correct torque
What impact does friction have, and how is it handled
Correct grease for specific torque tensioning
Practical training in torque tensioning

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