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A merger between eptools a/s and the wind activities in HYTOR A/S on 1 January 2019 creates HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S. A strong company and total supplier to the wind turbine industry and others, offering everything for emergency generators and special tools, primarily using hydraulics.

HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S is a merger of eptools a/s and the activities in HYTOR A/S, which has primarily been servicing the wind turbine industry.

On 1 January 2019, the merger of HYTOR A/S and eptools a/s became a reality, and thanks to the combined forces of both companies, we are now able to offer a strong portfolio of products primarily for torque tensioning with hydraulic and pneumatic tools, as well as complete tool solutions.

HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S dates back to the foundation of HYTOR in 1981, when a wide range of subcontracting firms to the Danish oil and gas industry was established.
Since the establishment of HYTOR A/S in 1981, the company Komprima was acquired in 1986 in order to be able to offer a range of products to general industry.

Wind turbine industry
With the expansion of services to general industry, and as the wind turbine industry was making gains in the 1990s, there was further expansion with the addition of torque tensioning tools primarily operated by hydraulics but also by compressed air. This was the start of a long and close cooperation with the wind turbine industry where, over time, we have played a major role in the installation and servicing of wind turbines, with our main activity being the optimization of torque tensioning for bolts.

eptools a/s and HYTOR A/S
In parallel with HYTOR's expansion of activities within the wind turbine industry, its competitor eptools a/s in Herning was established at the end of the 1990s. Since its foundation, eptools a/s has been primarily engaged in activities supplying torque tensioning and emergency generators to the wind turbine industry.

In January 2016, Niels G. Langerhuus took over eptools a/s, which was operated as an independent company within the HYTOR Group until the foundation of HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S on 1 January 2019. eptools a/s was then merged with the wind activities handled by HYTOR A/S.

Today, a wide range of specialized tools and tool solutions is offered, primarily within torque tensioning, lifting tools and emergency generators for the wind turbine industry, contracting, general industry, etc.

Ownership and structure
HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S is now owned by Niels G. Langerhuus, who is also the CEO, and employs about 40 staff members.

HYTOR Tools Solutions A/S is a subsidiary of HYTOR A/S and has a sister company HYTOR Fluid Solutions A/S, which operates in the Middle East, among other places.

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