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Sampling stations

When you have to take samples from your process, this is best done with a sampling station designed by HYTOR. A sampling station enables you to take samples for further processing in your laboratory. It is also possible to combine a sampling station with a cooler if you want to sample gasses at a high temperature.

The actual sampling bottle is adapted of course to the required sample volume. Pressure monitoring and the actual sampling can be cordoned off and non-spill snap couplings are available, which ensure that no media can escape in your area when the samples are being taken.

Sampling stations work perfectly in combination with our analysis systems and chemical injections. In this case, the height of the media to be analysed is taken into account so the sampling station can handle the media without being damaged. If there are chlorides, for example, the sampling station is designed with titanium or other precious metals. 

We have decades of experience in the design and construction of customer-specific solutions for both general industry as well as offshore oil and gas. This means we are your perfect sparring partner when you need to select components. Our competence covers a wide range of components and material choices and it is routine for us to achieve solutions that match your needs and budget.

Example of a small sampling setup.

Example of a hook-up system.

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