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Get a precise overview of the media used in individual processes. We are experts in finding the perfect sensor for measuring, e.g. PH, H2S, O2. With our extensive knowledge of sensors and decades of experience in building analysis systems, we are the right partner when you need an accurate solution for your process media.

We adapt instrumentation and monitoring (pressure and flow) in combination with frequency analysis to meet your needs. Of course we also take account of the location if ventilation is required, or whether it is an ATEX area that requires enclosure, for example.

Data monitoring and wireless communication are a matter of course in all our analysis panels.

There is a rapidly increasing requirement to know what the media in individual processes contains. For environmental reasons, there is continuous regulation in this area. Regulation in this area, combined an increasing desire to know what the process involves, enables the prevention of scaling and corrosion in the process system.

We cooperate with a wide range of analysis producers, who are each qualified in the primary sensor field. For example, this could be measurements of PH, H2S, O2, H2O that you want to analyse, but also a wide range of other measurements are possible. We are experts in finding the type of sensor, which will best serve your analysis system.

Our analysis panels are a perfect match for our sampling station and chemical systems, so you will get a total solution and optimal operating conditions thanks to optimal interaction between the systems.

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