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Calculation and design is essential for the correct accumulation of energy so you achieve optimal operation. We have extensive experience in the calculation of these conditions and specifically in the optimal calculation of adiabatic or isothermal discharge.

We have defined and designed accumulators for decades and have extensive experience in both large demanding systems and accumulator systems on a smaller scale. All our accumulators are designed so they are easily accessible and can be easily maintained. They all have a common exit point regardless of the number of accumulators in the system.

The system can be divided in different pressure systems; low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure.


Our design is adapted to the required working area, which ensures that the process valve can always open the required number of times. A stop valve, bleed valve and pressure relief valve on the underside of the accumulator make it possible to remove the accumulator safely for service and maintenance.

Our experience in the oil and gas industry gives us the correct ballast in relation to working with systems that must be able to operate optimally in harsh environments, and all our accumulators can be designed so they meet your specific requirements and required certification.

All accumulators are supplied so that they can be connected easily and safely to Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and Well Head Control Panels (WHCP). These accumulators can therefore be both part of a larger system, as well as a standalone system. All accumulators are of course supplied complete with a fusible plug and burst disk, which ensures blow-off in case of a fire.



Pressure classes Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure
Standards Eurocodes, ASME, PED, CE
Documentation Yes

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