On-site survey – hydraulic and chemical systems

We have proven that a regular review of your hydraulic and chemical system can be crucial in preventing a stoppage and optimizing your chemical consumption. We ensure that all process valves on your hydraulic system are fully functional and do not generate unnecessary pressure on the pump. When we perform surveys on chemical systems, it most often results in a lower chemical consumption, which both gives you a financial gain and protects your equipment against unnecessary damage.

Survey solution

We have specialists in hydraulic systems and chemical dosing who also have strong skills in process components and process optimization. Specialists with extensive experience in hydraulics, process components and scale corrosion, wax, H25, biocide, methanol, ethanol, glycol (MEG injection), anti-foam and hypochloride, etc.

We have an experienced and capable team of highly qualified specialists in hydraulics and chemical dosing, who are incredibly strong in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Specialists who are qualified for offshore work.

Chemical system – why perform a survey anyway?

A survey of chemical pump skid or chemical distribution panels can be crucial for an optimization process.
For chemical skids it is a known practice that you want to reduce the consumption of chemicals both for environmental reasons, but certainly also for financial reasons. Surveys can be help to shed light on skid issues, which should be adjusted to optimize chemical consumption and to reduce corrosion, scale formation and wax formation in pipelines. Optimal use of chemicals and minimal presence of rust, scale formation and wax formation is of crucial importance for the life of your pipes and for your process costs.

  • Reduce the consumption of chemicals – financial and environmental benefit
  • Reduce rust, scale formation and wax formation with optimal chemical consumption
  • Optimal operation of your process

Hydraulic system – why perform a survey anyway?

The most important thing with well head control panels, HPUs and hydraulic solenoid racks is that the process valves can open and close. A survey is a huge advantage here. Fully functional process valves offer reliability that makes it possible to avoid a loss of production, as the well (on an oil and gas platform) does not need to be shut down unnecessarily due to problems with the hydraulic control line. Furthermore, it is essential that the accumulators are fully functional in order to avoid constant pressure on the pump, a wear here would be crucial for the life and performance of the pump. At the same time, it is important to achieve the necessary accumulator energy so that process valves can be controlled in the event of a pump failure.

  • Ensures that the process valves can open and close
  • Functional process valves provide reliability
  • Ensures that the accumulators are fully functional – avoid unnecessary pressure and unnecessary wear on the pump

Thorough review

Ensure optimal operation