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Wide range of quality assured regulators from known international producers, primarily for use in demanding environments. All regulators are high quality and comply with a series of strict international requirements.

Our range of regulators is used both in systems and production in hydraulics, pneumatics, liquids and gases. Several decades of experience in the use of regulators in primary demanding environments gives you the best foundation for professional advice on the correct choice of regulator.

Our regulators are available in manually, electrically and pneumatically adjusted versions.

All our regulators are high quality and extremely reliable when it comes to ensuring the defined pressure, regardless of where in the process it may be required.

We have extensive experience with regulators from recognized brands such as Tescom, Parker, Fitok and Bifold. We can vouch for the quality and reliability.



Media Liquids, including oil and chemicals, air and gases
Pressure ranges Up to 1,035 bar with multiple adjustable ranges
materials SS316 or plastic material
Brands Tescom, Parker, Fitok, Bifold

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