We manage your project to a safe conclusion

As the customer, you always remain close to your project with us. A close dialogue from the start of the project through to delivery ensures that your expectations will always be matched. The disciplines of specification, engineering, production, QC for documentation and supply are managed securely by the project leaders, who are the focal point when we create system solutions.

Competent project management ensures the best output. We work on the principle that having a focus on fixed objectives and guaranteed control from the start through to final delivery of a project is an important part of supplying products of the highest quality at exactly the right time.

Specification phase
When we work on the specification of a product (a given construction), as a supplier we emphasize the importance of including all the details. It’s our attention to detail that makes the difference. Together we find the best solution for the exact needs you are facing. We advise you on an optimal solution with a long life.

When the specifications are in place, the Engineering division takes over and designs a solution in 3D AutoCad. The design is adjusted and any changes are coordinated before the project gets going.

Project manager
The project manager plays a unique role and is there right from the very first meetings that we hold with the customer. The project manager has a dialogue with the customer and ensures that the project will be handled safely throughout our organization. HYTOR’s approach is that the project manager is the internal team leader and therefore also the active managerial force behind all projects. The project manager keeps track of the mechanisms and employees who are involved in the execution of the project. In practical terms, this means that a common language is created between project managers and project participants, so that all parties have the same understanding of the objectives and methods. This also provides results for you as the customer. It gives the customer confidence, and you have only one point of contact with us as the supplier.

Production and delivery
The project is monitored closely through the production phase and daily meetings are held internally between project managers and project participants to ensure that agreements and plans are complied with.

A final quality check is made on the product in collaboration between the relevant project manager and the design manager before final shipment.
A project is not classed as delivered from HYTOR until a complete documentation package is submitted and the customer is satisfied.

Your project is in safe hands with HYTOR. With clear guidelines, a common understanding of the objective and an organization that is ready to deal with change, we guarantee to deliver the task according to expectations – so the customer can rest easy.