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Concept – purchase, hire or lease

If you have to perform a test, but do not need your own test equipment or you have to trial a chemical in your production and need the equipment for testing, we have equipment in stock that you can hire for a short period or lease for a longer period.

We offer our customers several different solutions when there is a need for equipment to undergo testing, dosing, measurement and calibration. This gives you the opportunity to get the job done with some of the best equipment available on the market. This ensures that all the work you carry out will be reliable and accurate.

We like to call it a “pay-and-go” solution. You simply purchase the part or solution from us.

This is the option that also has the lowest costs when you need to purchase hydraulic or pneumatic tools, generators, tool kits or tool containers.

You also have the opportunity to hire the equipment from us. This is typically a solution that our customers choose when they want to perform a test, trial chemicals or liquids, perform measurements or calibration, where the equipment is not used very often.

Of course, we maintain and calibrate all our equipment after each hire period and this is your guarantee that the equipment is always in optimal condition.

We have a huge selection of equipment in stock for hire, which of course can be hired at very short notice. You can always contact us in urgent cases.

If you are converting your production or have had a shutdown, it makes good sense to lease equipment for your production until a new permanent solution is either built or the shutdown is remedied. Here you can benefit from leasing equipment from us over a longer period, thus securing your daily operations until your permanent solution is in place.

Leasing may also be a solution that our customers choose when the equipment cannot be purchased via the operating budget.

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