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Hydraulic pump for torque wrenches and tensioning tools

A wide and solid range of electric hydraulic pumps for hydraulic torque wrenches and tensioning tools. Fully automatic hydraulic pumps with documentation and possibility of angle tensioning.

To ensure the optimum torque tensioning of bolts, it is important that the hydraulic tensioning tool pump (high torque pump) provides constant pressure and output right up to the maximum pressure limit. If the output pressure drops just a little when the tensioning tool pump (high torque pump) is approaching its maximum performance, this significantly increases the risk of the bolt not being correctly tensioned, which in extreme cases could have fatal consequences.

We therefore only work with the best hydraulic tensioning tool pumps (high torque pumps) on the market. At the same time, we know how important documentation and traceability are for our customers, and that being able to supply correct and precise torque tensioning is of the utmost importance for each installation.

Hydraulic pump for torque wrenches and tensioning tools

Specifications and options

Flow 13.2 / 2.0 l/min
Weight 20 - 36 kg
Brands Plarad
Documentation – digital Yes
Synchronized use Yes
Multi-angle torque tensioning Yes – but not standard

Fully automatic hydraulic pump
Fully automatic and precise hydraulic pumps from brands like Plarad give you the precise torque tensioning, which is so important. A fully automatic hydraulic pump means that the hydraulic pump itself is able to measure when the correct torque is reached and then stop tensioning, which provides a precise and correct torque and eliminates errors and uncertainty.



Angle tensioning with hydraulic pumps

This type of hydraulic pump/tensioning tool pump (high torque pump) also provides the possibility of angle tensioning. This means that after pre-tensioning, you can set the required angle (degrees) that the hydraulic pump should be tensioned to. Angle tensioning on this type of hydraulic pump eliminates the friction coefficient.

  • Fully automatic
  • Data logging and full traceability
  • Oil filled engine, which ensures that the pump does not overheat
  • Angle tensioning

It is important to remember that the different types of grease used for torque tensioning play an important role in achieving correct tensioning, as the grease has a major impact on the friction coefficient.

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